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Map quest: More on the redistricting ruckus

Letters to the editor and reader comments


Map quest

Perhaps the law should be revised to limit the amount of sides their polygon can have (“Leon County judge orders Florida legislators to draw new congressional maps,”, Aug. 6). They obviously are going to attempt to gerrymander regardless of the spirit of the law, so let’s treat them like the children they are and require them to use only basic shapes: squares, triangles and rectangles. Period. The point of districts is to spread the representation out by volume and geography, not demographics. Get out your rulers, draw some straight lines and be fucking done with it!
TheRealTerry, via

The Legislature expresses mock concern (i.e., disingenuous and hypocritical spin control) over the added election costs, voter confusion, and nullified votes of overseas and military ballots. These are the same folks who drew up these districts in blatant violation of the 2010 popular amendments and smugly dared the judiciary to do anything about it. The Legislature is also the one that shortened the early voting and caused the long lines in 2012 that discouraged tens of thousands from voting. How similar this all is to 2008 when the too-big-to-fail banks trashed the world economy and dared the feds not to bail them out! Former Speaker Cannon’s role in this scandal reminds us that our youthful Legislature is merely the minor league training ground for big-money careers as Tallahassee lobbyists.
EconProf, via

Correction: In last week’s Tip Jar column, we stated that Eola Wine Company had been sold. Only the Winter Park location has been sold; the downtown location remains under original ownership. We regret the error.