March Against Monsanto

When: Sat., May 23, 2 p.m. 2015

Lost somewhere in the snowballing political rhetoric of the times – gay rights, immigration, abortion rights, everything else that is built to tug our society apart with reams of bad science – is the battle to secure foods that aren’t artificially tinkered with. It’s not even mandatory for companies to label commercially available foodstuffs to indicate whether they contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms) that are created through DNA-changing wizardry. Why? To protect the bottom lines of big-agriculture businesses, like Monsanto, which have created so many frankenfoods that it’s hard to buy a corn chip or a soybean that isn’t genetically modified. Never mind the fact that Monsanto’s also behind the weed-killing product Round-Up, which was recently declared to probably be a human carcinogen, or that the Monsanto business cast-roundup reads like a bedtime conspiracy story cast by supply-side conservatives (hello, Clarence Thomas and Donald Rumsfeld) – it’s just evolution! On Saturday, across the nation, concerned consumers will gather in public spaces to raise awareness of the lobby behind the science that makes GMOs and their related businesses such a huge concern. Locally, the proceedings will begin at City Hall downtown, march to Lake Eola (where the water is artificially colored), and then return. There will be speakers, palpable angst and worthwhile information. Also, likely, there will be tea and water donated by Dandelion Café, no poisons included.

Price: free