Marital diss
The Family Crews
Premieres 9 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 21

From the Louds to the Osbournes to the Lamases, there's been a continuum of family freakshows on television. So why Terry Crews would choose to let cameras follow him for The Family Crews is a mystery. Actually, I'm aware of the reasons: money and ego. But just once, you'd think common sense would win out.

Crews is the exceedingly likable football-player-turned-actor who portrayed the young Chris Rock's dad on the wildly underrated TV show Everybody Hates Chris. There, he was Julius, the put-upon but loving protector who worked two and three jobs to provide for his family. In real life, he's much like that, except he has way more money.

More money, as we know, equates to more problems. So in the first episode of The Family Crews, when he asks his wife of 20 years, Rebecca, to marry him again, she says yes, as long as the wedding is as opulent as their first one was simple. This will entail renting a Malibu estate and buying a five-carat diamond ring (one carat for each child).

Crews, like Julius, understands how hard it is to make a buck, but now that he's on TV, he can either balk at Rebecca's demands and look like a miser or give in and be a wuss. The funny thing is, Crews still comes across like a nice guy. As for his wife, I'm not saying she's a gold-digger but, wow, she comes off as ungrateful and shrewish, as if Crews owes her because she chose to stay home and raise five kids. Maybe if there had been no cameras around, she would have been nicer? In the premiere of The Family Crews, an entertaining, quick half-hour (two episodes air back-to-back for the premiere), those kids don't get much screen time. But the promo at the end suggests they soon will, and it won't be pretty.