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McDonald's: the next generation



Just across I-4 from the self-proclaimed "World's Largest McDonald's" (and owned by the same folks), we now have the one with the oldest demographic -- an "adult-themed" McDonald's, if your mind can grasp that concept.

With chandeliers, cappuccino, Breyer's ice cream and a pool table upstairs, the two-story, tin-roofed über-D at 7344 W. Sand Lake Road (407-264-0770) is touted as a "next generation" fast-food place. Aimed squarely at grown-ups, it offers, along with standard fare, chef's salads and a dozen "gourmet" pizzas ($3 to $12). They're similar to the supermarket variety, but now, when kids demand a burger, the adults in charge have a choice. Eventually "gourmet" panini sandwiches will be phased in, too.

Desserts and coffees play a big part in tempting mature palates. And while they don't call it "Mc-Double espresso," you can still enjoy one with a serving of tiramisu.