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Meet our cover model, Micky



Last month, we asked readers to send us photos of their dogs for a chance to be the cover model for the Puppy Love issue. We received more than 100 entries, and after much deliberation by our judges – and even a sudden death round when things were almost too close to call – we selected Micky to be our cover dog. Micky is owned and loved by Hollie Godbee, and here's what she has to say about her beloved boy:

Meet Micky, our 3-year-old Siberian husky. This fine boy was a stray at Orange County Animal Services back in May 2013, and it took all of one second for us to fall in love with him – and for him to become a part of our family forever. Not only is he devastatingly good-looking, but he is the smartest, sweetest and friendliest pup (seriously, he loves EVERYONE) in all of puppy land. And tricks? He came with "sit," but that was about it, so we taught him the normal commands – "paw," "speak," "dance" (that's normal, right?) – but his best trick, by far, is one that we didn't teach. He randomly did it all by himself one day ... and we lost our minds. See, we are huge football fans, and Micky somehow learned to SING ALONG TO THE MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL THEME SONG. No joke. It's the only song that he sings to, and he does it every time he hears it. It's really quite amazing.

Micky absolutely adores making new friends and playing his heart out at Fleet Peeples Park, chilling out and listening to live music at Johnny's Other Side, or spending the day with his best buds at Dog Day Afternoon. 

We often wonder, "How did we get so lucky?" Truly, there isn't a day that goes by that we don't show our appreciation for Micky. He's brought so much laughter, joy and happiness to our lives. He's really the best.