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Megamalls = megaheadaches

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Megamalls equal mega headaches

I would be willing to look forward to a section of I-4 between Disney and Universal with no exits, just an express route to those going to Lakeland/Tampa (“International megamall and hotel project approved,” Aug. 12, Spankyspank Buckeye, via Facebook

It doesn’t matter what the citizens of Orlando need. What matters is we have more shopping available. Because the struggling and outdated model of a brick-and-mortar shopping mall in the age of digital retail is a great and long-term solution to … um … shopping … Fuck this stupid-ass government. Eddie Fulcher, via Facebook

With all the malls we have in the area looking like ghost towns, why do we need another? Justin Equality Jones, via Facebook

We use I-Drive a lot. The traffic is bad enough now. It will be abominable with this! In the 13 years that we’ve lived here in Orlando, it’s gotten worse and worse. It’s just become a concrete jungle. They’ve cut down most of the beautiful trees that were around here. Kathy Kay, via Facebook

I’ll tell you what … I’ll support this if the developers also build and fund a no-kill animal shelter. Jeff Hole, via Facebook

What about a super-hip and trendy farm where all the tourists dig in the dirt or play in hydroponic labs and eat all the fresh foods? Maxwell Hartley, via Facebook