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Mia is a welcomed addition to Orlando's Asian supermarket lineup



Bumby Avenue has seen its share of ch-ch-changes over the last couple of years, finally reopening this spring after widening and repaving. But before all that, Winn-Dixie closed and Mia Supermarket took over.

For those devotees of Phuoc Loc Tho, Saigon Market, Dong-A Supermarket, Woo Sung Market and First Spring Oriental Market, Mia was another welcome addition to our Asian supermarket lineup. Inside the fluorescent-bright store, umpteen kinds of rice, fish sauce, frozen dumplings, seasoning pastes and more line the shelves. Around the perimeter, rows of bitter melon and bok choy. To the left side, a fish counter with whole and filleted sea creatures, as well as some delicacies best bought live, like giant bullfrogs and sea cucumber. Love offal? Mia sells all kinds of nose-to-tail innards ready for a quick grill or a long braise.

But the highlight that sets this supermarket apart from the rest of our sensational Asian markets is the Formosa Bakery, just inside the automatic sliding doors to the right. The yeasty aroma of fresh-baked breads and buns and cakes wafts through the store and it's impossible not to stop and at least look. From sweet to savory – Chinese sausage wrapped in fluffy brioche; taro-stuffed pineapple buns – these are some of Orlando's most original and Instagrammable desserts. Channel your inner Zimmern and chow down on a durian custard tart: outstanding. —HVK

Mia Supermarket
2415 E. Colonial Drive