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New Planet in area deli system



Locals will recall the many moods of 511 E. Horatio in Maitland, from grills (Joe's, and Noah's Gourmet) to colorful and puny (Purple Cow Calfe) to almost nonexistent (the ephemeral Big Sur California Cook'n).

Now Deli Planet II (407-629-7827) has landed, cloning itself from the original on South Orange Avenue, but without the inflatable aliens. Calling itself a "gourmet" sub shop, the Planet is home to an array of hot and cold sammiches with chunky, fresh ingredients. Chicken sandwiches have tender, grilled white meat, steak variants are made with rib-eye, and herbivores have plenty of choices, too. Now if they would do something about the less-than-stellar bread. Meanwhile, the Orlando Planet (the First Generation?) is being abducted one block closer to Michigan, from 2315 to 2447 S. Orange Ave. Beam me in.