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No passport for Hood


The job market is tight for cushy overseas ambassadorships. The White House received nearly 1,700 recommendations for a mere 162 ambassador positions -- most of which the Bush administration will fill in the next few weeks.

Among those not likely to be selected is Mayor Glenda Hood, who was rumored to be seeking an ambassadorship to a Spanish-speaking country. (Hood majored in Spanish at Rollins College.)

Although a Hood spokeswoman said the mayor didn't personally seek one of the 162 positions, she still might have been recommended by a politically-connected friend, which is the way many ambassadors receive their titles. The White House had no comment.

Lee Day, the PETA member in the mask, says Orange County has a history of being intolerant to political protesters, noting that fellow PETA arrestee Jason Similski had no trouble with law enforcement before last summer. "That's the first time Jesus was arrested and he's been all over the country," Day says.