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No pictures, please


Gov. Jeb Bush halted the state's sale of 14 million driver's license photos to a New Hampshire company that said it would use them to prevent fraud. The sale of such pictures, which caused an uproar here and in Colorado and South Carolina, prompted lawsuits and a court injunction to stop it. Bush's action now moved a tricky debate over privacy and security from the courts to the state Legislature.

The company that bought the pictures, Image Data, said it would make them available to retailers who could then check the identity of people paying with checks or credit cards. Company officials promised the photos would be tamper-proof and would benefit consumers. Civil-liberties groups were skeptical.

Rep. Randy Johnson (R-Orlando) and Sen. Anna Cowin (R-Leesburg) were among the lawmakers who said they will move to repeal the law that allowed motor-vehicle officials to sell the pictures for a penny each.