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NSX gets 10 years for rape


Rayon "Junior" Payne, the brash, loudmouthed pirate-radio DJ better known as NSX, was convicted Aug. 27 of raping a 23-year-old tourist in the VIP bathroom of The Club last year. Payne, who did not testify in his defense, was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Because of Florida's mandatory sentencing laws, he will not be eligible for parole until the year 2010.

The 27-year-old Payne, working the DJ booth at The Club in May 2001, offered shots to the first group of women to visit the booth. After distributing shots, Payne began dancing with the Swedish woman. The two disappeared until the woman's friends found Payne, who told them she was throwing up in the bathroom.

Apparently a club drug was slipped into the woman's drink. She testified she could remember nothing except coming to with her face down in a sink. When she realized somebody was having sex with her, she remembered turning around to see Payne's face.

"The charge was based on her being physically helpless and unable to resist," says prosecutor William Brown. "There's a possibility that if Rayon Payne used a club drug, it was ahead of the curve as far as toxicology, because it wasn't picked up on her lab report. It had to have been a new drug."

Payne's attorney, Michael Dicembre, failed to return calls for this story, and, because of a Department of Corrections policy, Payne cannot be interviewed by telephone.