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  • Photo by Dave Plotkin
  • Simply Puur

There are two kinds of customers at Simply Puur: those with power-lunch aspirations who lack power-lunch expense accounts, and groups of lunchtime pals whose preferences are so diverse they can't agree on just one cuisine. Simply Puur is an Orange Avenue cafeteria-style spot (full of business types with their ties thrown over their left shoulders) catering to office appetites.

Pick a station – soups, sandwiches, rice bowls, hot bar (dishes that might remind you of the college dining hall) or salad bar – then grab a drink from the cold case, a soda from the fancy touch-screen fountain (lime-raspberry-vanilla Coke Zero FTW!) or a coffee from the Peet's bar and you're out of there in 10 minutes flat. (If you don't have to be back at your desk quite that fast, you can linger, but bad news: no Wi-Fi.)

Presentation is paramount here – everything looks fresh and cases are constantly replenished – and endless mixing and matching is possible, what with six soup varieties ($3.19), like green chili-and-corn, chicken and dumplings, and broccoli-cheese, and seven rotating sandwich choices ($6.99), ranging from eggplant-portobello flatbreads to prosciutto and salami on baguette. I was happy I'd grabbed a cup of chocolate-covered toffee mini-pretzels ($2.49) to take back to my desk when that inevitable 3 p.m. sweets craving rolled around. Don't expect fine dining, but do expect solid service and fresh food at a decent price.

Simply Puur

200 S. Orange Ave.