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Opening in Orlando: 'Get Hard,' 'Home,' 'Wild Tales'



Get Hard: Once upon a time, there was a classic movie in which a funny black dude taught an uptight, curly-haired white guy to navigate the gang-infested atmosphere of prison. That movie was called "the trailer to Stir Crazy." Kevin Hart saw that trailer, and he sure hopes you didn't, because remaking it as a feature is the latest step in his master plan to play the Magic Negro on a perpetual tour of cinematic reappropriation. Now he gets to help Will Ferrell, who is apparently the Gene Wilder of the 21st century, the same way he helped Josh Gad, who was apparently the Kevin James of 10 years later. Up next for Kevin: Brobocop, in which he'll play a jive-talking Detroiter who teaches John Mulaney to be the August 2016 version of whoever the hell took over for Peter Weller. (R)

  • 'Home'

Home: The HBO production of The Normal Heart showed that Jim Parsons can handle a lot more than The Big Bang Theory. So what has he chosen for his all-important transition to the mainstream cinema? Lilo and Sheldon! You don't have to strain particularly hard to hear a whole mess of Dr. Cooper in his voicing of Oh, an alien who strikes up a friendship with a human girl. Baby steps, I guess ... but a few more play-it-safe moves like this, and I'm going to claim a violation of our Roommate Agreement. (PG)

'Wild Tales'
  • 'Wild Tales'

Wild Tales: This Spanish anthology of six individual stories was a nominee for the 2015 Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. The overall theme is revenge, with aggrieved parties seeking restitution for past hurts via rat poison, dynamite and other methods not recommended by Dr. Phil. The movie didn't win that Oscar, but don't feel sorry for co-producer Pedro Almodovar: He knows how to get even! (R)