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Opening in Orlando: Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Wonder Wheel and more



THIS WEEK: Star Wars: The Last Jedi This world is divided into two types of people: people who love Porgs, and monsters. So, go Porgs! PORGS! PORGS! PORGS! Oh, and I guess we find out what's up with Luke Skywalker and stuff. But PORGS! (PG-13)

Wonder Wheel Woody Allen's latest has Justin Timberlake as a 1950s lifeguard on Long Island who dreams of being like Eugene O'Neill. Finger on the fucking pulse, Woody. Timberlake falls into the arms of Kate Winslet as a married ex-actress, and Juno Temple shows up as a young woman who's there because ... well, you know. (PG-13)

Also playing: Just Getting Started An action comedy starring Morgan Freeman as a former FBI man forced into an uneasy alliance with an ex-mob lawyer. The latter is played by Tommy Lee Jones – here reunited with director Ron Shelton, who once cast him as Ty Cobb. Boy, remember when we thought that Ty Cobb was the biggest asshole of that name we were going to have to worry about? (PG-13)

My Friend Dahmer Now this is a picture that should really be playing at the Enzian. The cross-promotional opportunities with the kitchen would be endless! Instead, you'll just have to settle for normal concession-stand goodness as you settle in for this adaptation of John Backderf's graphic novel about his friendship with the young Jeffrey Dahmer. As the budding cannibal's mother, Anne Heche is no doubt relieved to not be the craziest person in a movie for once. (R)

November Criminals Baby Driver's Ansel Elgort portrays a high-schooler who tries to solve a classmate's murder. Joining him is Chloë Grace Moretz, making this the most sought-after Chloë Grace Moretz film of 2017 that isn't a bootleg of I Love You, Daddy.   (PG-13)

Thelma Norway's entry in the next Oscars follows a young woman whose recognition of her same-sex impulses coincides with the emergence of supernatural powers. What kind of powers, you ask? Well, there's talking to carpet, for one. (NR)