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Opening in Orlando: The Diary of a Teenage Girl, Regression, War Room, We Are Your Friends



The Diary of a Teenage Girl This week's Kristen Wiig arthouse flick casts our favorite Target lady emeritus as a negligent mother in 1970s San Francisco. But the movie is actually the story of her daughter (Bel Powley), a 15-year-old who plows through enough sexual encounters to give even Jared Fogle the sweats. Powley is drawing raves for the verisimilitude she brings to her character's voyage of carnal self-discovery, and that's not even counting the natural disability she had to overcome to do so: She's British. (R)

Regression A year after Boyhood, I still can't get over the idea of Ethan Hawke being the best thing in a picture. Let's see how he does with Regression, a 1990 period piece that casts the Hawkster as a cop investigating a man who has confessed to molesting his 17-year-old daughter but can't remember doing it. Give him a five-dollar footlong, Ethan; it'll all come flooding back. (NR)

War Room "Prayer is a Powerful Weapon" reads the tag line to this faith-based feature, which is something I suspected when I heard Mike Huckabee say that the job of the military is to "kill people and break things." (He then went on to explain that he's assiduously pro-life.) But no matter how much I'd love to see a Private Ryan the Saved, just for the grins, War Room is instead a totally civilian domestic drama about a family at odds with one another. And guess what? Per the advance P.R., it's all the wife's fault! "No spoiler there," say 17 out of 21 Duggars surveyed. (PG)

We Are Your Friends Remember when Max from Catfish announced that he was branching out from outing overweight women and gay black men to direct his first feature film? Well, it's here! And it has Zac Efron and Wes Bentley as club DJs who risk their friendship over a girl. But think carefully for a minute: Are we sure that's Zac Efron and Wes Bentley? It could be Melissa McCarthy and Johnny Mathis! (R)