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Opening in Orlando: The Forest



The Forest One of the things that has always disappointed me about the movie version of You Only Live Twice is that it omits a really fun plot detail from the book: the garden of death that Blofeld maintains on his property, affording the local Japanese all manner of creative ways to commit suicide. Seeing that sucker immortalized on screen could have been one of the cinematic highlights of 1967; oh, what might have been. Now, nearly half a century later, we have a shot at a reasonable facsimile, thanks to the inexhaustible creative demands of the January cheapo horror industry. Apparently, there's a real-life analogue to Blofeld's garden of death at the base of Mount Fuji: a forest into which the despondent wander to end it all. In this new film, an American woman ventures into those woods to find her missing sister – because no way is an American studio going to wager a dime on a movie in which only foreigners are in jeopardy. Starting to think you'd rather just read You Only Live Twice again? Maybe this additional little detail will help you make up your mind: "From an original idea by David S. Goyer." (PG-13)