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Organic ale from dark to pale



Beer-lover alert: Whole Foods Market (1989 Aloma Ave., Winter Park; 407-673-8788) carries not only an wide selection of brews from England, Belgium, France and just about anywhere else you can think of, but several organic beers well worth their hops.

Just like vegetable crops, beer ingredients can be grown organically and without chemical additives. If you can get past thinking of it as a gimmick, these environmental microbrews stand up to anything on the market. Wolaver's IPA is an English-style pale ale from California with a clean, citrusy flavor. Samuel Smith's Organic Lager hails from Yorkshire, England and offers a full-bodied taste. The literarily-named "Golden Promise" from Caledonian Breweries calls itself "The World's First Organic Beer" and has a deep malty taste to match its dark amber color.

Think organic while you down a pint or two.