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Organifi Gold is a nutritional supplement that uses turmeric and other ingredients to improve sleep, soothe muscles, and support joints. Formulated by one of the most prominent supplement companies in Organifi, the Organifi Gold supplement is an organic turmeric superfood tea powder that is based on a 5,120-year-old Indian dessert tea that is made to help the body induce a process called cell restoration sleep using all-natural ingredients with no reported side effects.

By taking Organifi Gold daily, you can give your body a dose of natural, organic superfoods. You take one serving of Organifi Gold every night before bed to help induce deep relaxation and a process Organifi formulators label as Cellular Restoration Sleep due to the 10-potent ingredients found inside this delicious golden milk tea blend that can have you sleeping like a baby again.

But is Organifi Gold worth the price? How does Drew Canole's Organifi Gold turmeric-based superfood powder work? What’s inside the formula? Find out everything you need to know about Organifi Gold today in our review.

What is Organifi Gold?


Organifi Gold is a nighttime body-soothing herbal tea nutritional supplement that is formulated to support the immune system and aid sleep overnight. You take Organifi Gold at night before bed, then let the ten individual ingredients go to work overnight in this gently-dried superfood tea blend.

As the name suggests, Organifi Gold is gold or yellow-colored powder. You mix the powder with water, a shake, or the beverage of your choice.

Organifi describes Gold as a ‘tea’ – not a superfood powder. And, the formula primarily works by encouraging a good night’s sleep. A night of great sleep is crucial for your immune system. If you don’t get a goodnight of rest, then your immune system suffers.

Of course, a good night’s sleep is also crucial to other aspects of health and wellbeing, immunity, physical and mental energy, and more.

Organifi Gold is available through and other retailers. It’s priced around $70 per bottle, with each bottle containing 30 servings (30 scoops). Given how nutrient-dense the Organifi Gold herbal tea superfood powder is, this is a very reasonable price considering how invaluable deep sleep is to your overall energy production and output each and every day. But how does Organifi Gold work to create a dramatic difference in the way you feel and beat bodily discomfort by using real superfood ingredients?

How Does Organifi Gold Work?


Organifi Gold contains superfoods to support various benefits. Organifi describes the formula as “an all-natural, organic superfood tea with superfoods to boost immunity through deep sleep.”

You drink Organifi Gold like a cup of warm soothing tea, mixing the formula with hot or warm water. By taking it nightly, you can support the body in multiple ways and  enjoy the following benefits:

● Wake up each day feeling more rested
● Soothe muscles and help relax your body after a long day
● Support joints and help stiff joints feel young again
● Protect your immune system by supporting a deep sleep, increasing your body’s ability to create immune-boosting ingredients

The formula is USDA Organic certified. It’s also gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, 100% Vegan, and Keto-friendly.

Some of the key ingredients in Organifi Gold include turmeric, ginger, and mushroom extract. Here’s a brief overview of how each ingredient works, according to Organifi:

Turmeric: Turmeric contains antioxidants that could support anti-inflammatory benefits throughout the body. A growing amount of research supports turmeric for anti-inflammatory effects, and many people take turmeric daily for this reason. By keeping healthy inflammation throughout the body, turmeric could support overall health and wellness, immunity, and other effects.

Ginger: Ginger is a plant extract that promotes healthy digestion for a strong immune system.

Reishi Mushroom Extract: Organifi Gold contains an 8:1 reishi mushroom extract. Reishi mushroom extract is prized for its high beta-glucan content. Some evidence shows beta-glucans significantly impact immunity.

Lemon Balm: Known as ‘the calming herb,’ lemon balm is linked with more restful sleep, and it’s traditionally used to support a night of healthy sleep.

Turkey Tail Mushroom: Organifi Gold also contains a mushroom extract called turkey tail mushroom. This mushroom extract is rich with beta-glucans, similar to the beta-glucans in reishi mushroom extract.

Acacia Fiber Prebiotic: Organifi Gold contains acacia fiber as a prebiotic. Like other prebiotics, acacia fiber fuels probiotic bacteria in your gut, supporting your digestive system, reducing bloating, and targeting other issues.

Ceylon Cinnamon: Cinnamon promotes healthy blood sugar levels, and growing research suggests cinnamon is linked with anti-diabetic properties.

Coconut Milk: Organifi Gold contains coconut milk to give the formula a creamy texture. Organifi also claims coconut milk “provides passage for vitamins into the bloodstream” by working as a healthy saturated fat.

Black Pepper Extract: Like most other turmeric supplements, Organifi Gold contains black pepper extract. Studies show your body struggles to absorb turmeric without black pepper extract. One study found the absorption of turmeric rose 2,000% when combined with black pepper extract.

Organifi Gold Ingredients
Each serving (1 scoop or 6.6g) of Organifi Gold contains 26 calories, 1g of fat, 4g of carbs, and small levels of vitamins and minerals. The formula also contains 2g to 3g of a superfood blend and a digestion blend.

It will be very clear to consumers that FitLife.TV's Drew Canole did not hold back any of the goods or secret sauce when formulating the Organifi Gold supplement.


The full list of ingredients includes:

Superfood Blend (2,195mg): Certified organic turmeric 4:1 extract, certified organic lemon balm, certified organic turkey tail mushroom extract, magnesium, and certified organic red reishi mushroom.

Digestion Blend (2,980mg): Certified organic acacia fiber (prebiotic), certified organic coconut milk powder, certified organic cinnamon powder, certified organic ginger extract powder and certified organic black pepper extract powder.

Other Ingredients: Certified organic vanilla flavor, and certified organic Luo Han Guo (monk fruit extract)


As you can see, Organifi labels all ingredients as “certified organic.” The supplement only contains USDA Organic certified ingredients. As far as we can tell, every ingredient in Organifi Gold – even the flavors and sweeteners – are USDA Organic certified.

Scientific Evidence for Organifi Gold
Organifi has not run any clinical trials or scientific tests on its formula. The company has not tested the supplement on animals or humans.

On, Organifi cites four studies to support its advertised benefits. We’ll review those references, then look at other scientific evidence for turmeric, mushroom extract, magnesium, and other active ingredients in Organifi Gold.

Organifi cites this 2013 study on cranberry extract, for example. Researchers tested the effect of cranberry extract on a strain of bacteria and found it increased the lifespan of that bacteria. There is no cranberry extract in Organifi Gold, so it’s unclear why it cited this study.

Organifi also cites this 2011 article that found most cold medications are a waste of money. Americans spend $4 billion per year on cough and cold medications, yet many are unproven to improve symptoms significantly. Again, this is an interesting article – but it doesn’t prove any benefits of Organifi Gold.

However, Organifi cites this 2012 study that compared sleep and immune function. Researchers found a significant connection between immune system function and sleep. People who get longer, more restful sleep tend to have healthier immune systems than those who don’t. People who have a disrupted circadian rhythm or other sleep issues tend to have lower quality sleep. This supports the idea that getting more sleep can boost immunity, although it does not prove that Organifi Gold can help you sleep.

The fourth and final study cited by Organifi is this 2012 study that showed turkey tail mushroom extract could help treat breast cancer. In that study, researchers found taking 4g of turkey tail mushroom extract per day complemented one patient’s chemotherapy treatment. This was one study on a single breast cancer patient. Although turkey tail mushroom has been linked to other effects in other studies, we need more research to prove these effects. There’s also a much lower dose of turkey tail extract in Organifi Gold (less than 1,000mg) than the amount used in this study.


These are all the studies cited by Organifi to support the benefits of Organifi Gold. So let’s look at other available evidence supporting the ingredients in Organifi.

This 2017 review study published in Foods analyzed dozens of studies to determine curcumin’s effects on human health. After analyzing all available evidence, researchers concluded that turmeric provides various powerful benefits, including:

“It [curcumin] aids in the management of oxidative and inflammatory conditions, metabolic syndrome, arthritis, anxiety, and hyperlipidemia. It may also help manage exercise-induced inflammation and muscle soreness, thus enhancing recovery and performance of inactive people. Also, a relatively low dose of the complex can provide health benefits for people that do not have diagnosed health conditions. Most of these benefits can be attributed to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.”

However, researchers cautioned that ingesting curcumin or turmeric directly does not work very well. They recommend pairing curcumin with black pepper extract, which has been shown to “increase bioavailability by 2,000%”.

Researchers did not mention any connection between turmeric and sleep quality.

Organifi uses lemon balm extract to help you sleep purportedly. As WebMD explains, lemon balm is an herb from the mint family traditionally used to make medicine. Lemon balm was used for centuries to treat anxiety, stress, insomnia, indigestion, and even dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. However, WebMD cautions that “there is no good scientific evidence to support many of these uses.”

Nevertheless, WebMD admits that lemon balm “contains chemicals that seem to have a sedative, calming effect.”

Overall, there’s strong supporting evidence that the ingredients in Organifi Gold can help you fall asleep more quickly and support anti-inflammatory effects while you sleep. Organifi Gold seems to contain a strong dose of all active ingredients.

Organifi Gold Pricing
Organifi Gold is available through and other retailers, where it’s typically priced between $60 and $70 per bottle. Each bottle contains 30 servings (30 scoops). Here’s how pricing breaks down:

1 Bottle: $69.95
3 Bottles: $178.38
6 Bottles: $356.75

Organifi Gold Refund Policy
Organifi offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on all products. You can request a complete refund on Organifi Gold within 60 days of your purchase.

About Organifi
Organifi is a nutritional supplement company based in San Diego, California. The company is best known for Green Juice, Gold, Red Juice, and Immunity, among other superfood formulas.
Organifi is a subsidiary of Fit Life TV, LLC, a Florida-registered corporation. You can contact Organifi via the following:
Phone: 760-487-8587
Mailing Address: 1320 Columbia St. Suite #310, San Diego, CA 92101, USA

Final Word


Organifi Gold is a superfood formula that uses turmeric, ginger, reishi mushroom extract, turkey tail extract, magnesium, black pepper extract, coconut milk, ceylon cinnamon, acacia prebiotic fiber and lemon balm extract to help you fall asleep more easily. You take the formula nightly to gain the benefits of cellular restoration sleep. When you fall asleep more quickly, it makes it easier for your immune system to function correctly.

Studies show a good night’s sleep is linked with better immunity. Studies also show turmeric is connected with various positive effects – from immunity to anti-inflammatory support and more. Much like the official Organifi Gold product page says, “proper sleep patterns promote immunological memory, which is the body's natural ability to stay healthy.”

Overall, Organifi Gold works utilizing its potent, nutrient dense, all natural organic superfood tea powder to enhance immune system function via deeper sleep and cellular restoration. The nighttime body-soothing herbal tea is billed as mother nature's best calming mix of powerful herbal superfoods that give the body the ability to sleep more sound and enjoy being more comfortable, relaxed and energized daily.

Click here to buy Organifi Gold from the official Organifi store today!

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