Orlando Bike Polo Blowout Extravaganza Party

When: Fri., Dec. 5, 8 p.m. 2014

So, this one time, we got hit by a car while riding our 10-speed bike home from school, and we ended up watch- ing Prince Charles and Lady Di come to Florida for a polo extravaganza while everyone thought we were goners. In deference to the fact that this particu- lar event is honoring the departed Alix Nelson, we’ll get off our high horse for a minute and state that Orlando Bike Polo is in fact a thing, one with an apparent sense of humor – the first rule of the OBP event reads as follows: “ShitFacedFriday starts 8pm friday, Bring your drinking pants for this one. We will be doing a pub crawl in true OBP fashion.” This year’s Langford Park drunken bicycling excursion promis- es eliminations and barbecues, as well as the sort of fraternization you’ve come to expect from polo on bikes. Oh, and bands! And kegs, too! You should totally be there, if only because we’re all sort of in a rut and bikes with sticks are a fun thing. They really are!!!

Billy Manes

Price: free