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Total number of square miles in Orlando city limits: 109.51

Total acreage: 70,089

Location: 28.30 degrees north latitude, 80.72 degrees west longitude

Four other world cities on a similar latitude: Tabuk, Saudi Arabia; New Delhi, India; Nanchang, China; Chihuahua, Mexico

Estimated population as of 2002: 194,913

First city name: Jernigan

First name of Orange County: Mosquito County

Year the county name was changed: 1845

Population of Orange County in 1870: 2,212

Number of those who were white: 1,972

Number who were "colored": 215

Number who were foreign: 22

Number who were insane: 3

Year Orlando incorporated as a city: 1875

Possible sources for the name "Orlando": character in William Shakespeare's As You Like It; Orlando Reeves, a soldier killed by Seminole Indians near Lake Eola in 1835; a man who died herding oxen en route to Tampa

Number of indictments for murder handed down in Orange County in 1871: 141

Number of murders recorded in Orlando in 2002: 15

Number of days annually able-bodied men aged 18-45 were required to work improving public streets in 1881: 6

Mandatory closing time for bars the same year: 11 p.m.

Reason Orange County resident Martha Washington was granted a divorce from her husband, Henderson Washington, in 1881: "He had contracted a vile and obnoxious disease known as sypholous (sic)."

Year skinny-dipping during daylight hours became illegal: 1882

Year Orlando city council banned alcohol sales: 1883

Number of years the ban lasted: 4

Year "The City Beautiful" was adopted as the official slogan: 1908

Official city slogan prior to that: "The Phenomenal City"

Year of the city's first narcotics arrest, and the drug involved: 1926, morphine

Number of Orlando residents picked up in 1940 on suspicion of spying for Adolf Hitler: 12

Year the first Santa Claus arrived in Orlando by plane: 1927

Number of automobiles registered in Winter Park in 1911: 15

Movie in the beginning of which you can watch the predecessor to the current Orlando city hall being imploded, and the year the movie was released: Lethal Weapon 3, 1991

Six notable occupants of Greenwood Cemetery: Michael Angelo, George Bush, Martha Washington, Sammie Davis, William Faulkner, Daniel Boone

One namesake of Lake Ivanhoe: Ivanhoe, by Sir Walter Scott.

Location of "The World's Most Famous Sinkhole," and the year it opened up: Downtown Winter Park, 1981

Number of Orlando's largest 10 employers that are not in the tourism or service industries: 7

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