Orlando Magic vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

When: Fri., Dec. 26, 7 p.m. and Sun., March 15, 6 p.m. 2015

In terms of entertaining basket- ball, this week’s face-off between the Cavs and the Magic could be one of the most sensational games hosted at Amway yet, in a season when the Magic have proven their scrappy confidence can quiet even the loudest talents in the league – at least in bursts of momentum. Of course, the athletic spectacle of LeBron James was recently paused due to sore knees, bench- ing the superstar temporarily, but that all ended when the Cavs hit the Hornets with a full-court lob to James from Kevin Love and a tomahawk slam that announced his health was no longer on hiatus. Despite that threat, you won’t see Magic forward Tobias Harris sweating. He’s inherited more than D-12’s jersey number, rising as the leader on a young team that perpetually needs one on the court, hitting clutch shots and boosting on-court morale. As the Cavs’ strength meets the Magic’s determination, NBA fans witness an exciting clash.

Ashley Belanger

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