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Outside pasta's cardboard box



While it's true that many exceptional Italian chefs prefer dried spaghetti, there's nothing like the taste of fresh tagliolini or fusilli to show you what pasta can be when you think outside the cardboard box.

The fresh pasta recipes of Pasta Mc (2005 Tree Fork Lane, Longwood; 407-260-9015) were created by the odd combination of an Italian family and a Scotsman in Calabria, Italy. The local factory, hidden in an industrial park, produces mounds of fresh fettuccini, rigatoni and sheet pasta. But their prize might be the raviolis, stuffed with cheese, chicken or meat, plus exotic varieties like lobster, smoked salmon, pumpkin or an eggplant, garlic and basil mix. Visit the colorful site to pick out your faves, then order online for delivery, or call and go pick it up. Prices vary depending on quantity, but range from $1.90 to around $8 a pound.