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Public service ... at a price


How much would you pay to have the likes of Mayor Glenda Hood or Chairman Rich Crotty be your waiter-for-a-day? Or, better yet, Sheriff Kevin Beary? In fact, according to the invitation Crotty sent Orlando Weekly last week, just about every elected official in the Central Florida area will become "server" at the Oct. 5 luncheon to benefit Frontline Outreach, which offers educational and recreational services to youths in the beleaguered Washington Shores neighborhood and other urban sections of Orlando. The required donation: $100.

In the past, the invitation boasts, the sure-to-sell-out event, now in its seventh year, has raised about $350,000. And sure, it's a worthy cause. But there's an irony we need to point out:

When a politician asks for donations to a worthy cause, it's called charity. But when, say, the homeless ask for donations to their worthy cause (read: survival) those same politicians try to run them out of town (yes, you, Mayor Hood).