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Putting some fizz in city affairs



The Volusia County Council may have postponed a vote last week on whether to name Coca-Cola its official soft drink -- providing a $4 million windfall in exchange for granting Coke exclusive rights to market its products at Volusia's public parks, beaches and offices for five years -- but the issue isn't dead in the carbonated water. Imagine the arrangements that could pair cities with other sugar daddies.

Dr. Pepper is the perfect spokespop for upscale Winter Park. A deal with Jolt could keep the downtown Orlando crowd up into the wee hours ("It's not a rave! It's an all-night soda party!"). And who can deny that Mountain Dew's image is just right to make residents of Bithlo pine for the good old days of pop-tops?

Residents may not always trust their government's wisdom. But when it comes to sweet deals, they can trust their liters.