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Readers Choice: The runner-up in our online contest, Oscar Meyers


We asked readers to comment online and tell us which dogs they thought should win our cover model contest. Here's the runner-up.

Second place

Oscar Meyers, owned and loved by Taylor Meyers

This is Oscar Meyers. He is a 2-year-old mini bulldog.

I think Oscar should be on the cover of Orlando Weekly because he truly loves Orlando and exploring all it has to offer. He loves going out anywhere around town and meeting new people.


Oscar can sit and shake (and sometimes lay down), but I think his best trick is making people smile.

Some of our favorite places to go are downtown to dog-friendly bars like Magnolia, Finnhenry's and Lizzy McCormack's (where we get pudding shots, and he gets his own whipped-cream shot). We also go to the Lake Eola farmers market or anywhere in Ivanhoe Village.


Oscar knows I love him because I take him everywhere with me and he sits shotgun while my friends ride in the back. – Taylor Meyers