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Readers on Teresa Jacobs’ re-election bid, Florida’s Medicaid gap

Letters to the editor


Jacobs’ ladder

This county continues to mystify with all the backroom connections turning on one another (“Trouble behind the scenes of Mayor Jacobs’ re-election bid,” April 30). Of course it’s all about money in the end and what group can get you what you want (i.e. a new Arts Center for the 1% group which Chapin is a member of). Buddy Dyer and Linda Chapin are certainly not considered ‘Democrats’ in my eyes whatsoever.
Mosquito County Rules, via

Later Jacobs. No one that works in Orange County Government will miss you, especially in public safety.
FireSlayer, via

If Billy was lucid, he would have known that Mayor Jacobs was voting against the scum section of the Expressway Authority. I believe [Val] Demings just wants the post to get in on deals and get rich like [former Orange County Mayor Rich] Crotty did.
odojoe, via

Into the gap

“Blithely murderous,” “callously indifferent” and “evil” are words and phrases that I have seen used to describe Republican Governors who’ve refused to Expand Medicaid (“The perils of Florida’s refusal to expand Medicaid,” April 9). Rick Scott is one of them, putting an inane tea party purity test above the lives and health of his people. I’m sorry for the people of Florida. Hopefully, they remove Scott from office. He is a plague on the state and the country. I know a couple of women like Charlene Dill, and the thought of her needless death makes me sick to my stomach.
Tort Master, via