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Readers sound off on the plan to put tolls on I4

Letters to the editor


Road to ruin

So let me get this straight: We have been multi-generationally taxed to pay for our interstate roads, politicians then tell whatever crony company we’ll let you have x number of lanes on our tax-funded roads to collect even more fees to line your pockets with so that you can bribe us to make more deals like this in the future (“Renderings for I-4 Ultimate toll road make us want to get drunk on Sunrail,”, May 22). Sound about right? Anyone who votes for this should be tossed.
Frank Connell, via

Your fuel tax per gallon hasn’t increased since the 1990s, and vehicles are two to 10 times as fuel efficient now. Taxes have been tried to be raised with inflation to help pay for our failing infrastructure, but it’s been repeatedly denied. The only alternative is to charge the people who actually use those roads. Also, this was voted in already. It’s a done deal.
Rhoadrunner, via

The entire problem with I-4 is that they keep stripping off a lane, bottlenecking it down from four to three repeatedly, with “Exit Only” exits. Widen the overpasses so that you can keep four lanes flowing constantly and I-4 would be a breeze.
Michael Davis, via