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Readers speak up about Gov. Rick Scott’s Facebook Q&A

Letters to the editor


More questions than answers

Dear Floriduh, please keep your idiot governor (“Gov. Rick Scott does a Facebook Q&A, speaks only in campaign soundbites,” He makes ours look good, which isn’t easy. I love the ranting seniors against Common Core, because they don’t even know what it is. They just have something else to be bitter about. Go angry, ranting, loony oldsters!
Garystartswithg, via

Like most Republic-cons, Gov. Scott filters out the embarrassing and inconvenient questions and only does soundbites. Sort of the same idea with Gov. Christie, who investigated himself and cleared himself ... same old Republic-con BS, different day.
Blonk, via

Dump Scott. He is a liar, and all his bull about his childhood and family is supposed to help people get good-paying jobs, educate their children, get medical care and provide for their family? You are a rich con artist and have no more concern for these issues or the people of the state of Florida. We need to dump your sorry ass out of office for good.
Margie Hawkins, via

Scott is not worth commenting on. He is a fraud. He never produced 750,000 jobs like he promised. He allows murderers to go free, of course, depending on their race. Corruption has increased when Scott was elected. Can you really live with that? And do not believe some comments. They are probably paid by the Republican party.
Richard Piamai, via