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Readers’ views on religion’s place in Orange County schools and the Dropbox lawsuit

Letters to the editor



Dear God

Religion has no place in the education system [“Letters to a Satanist: Are you upset that Orange County public schools closed its open forum for religious literature distribution?,” Bloggytown, Nov. 18], so it’s satisfying to see a school board separate church and state. More need to follow this example, and if it takes non-Christian groups using these kinds of tactics, so be it.
Glenn Webber via

I echo Glenn Webber’s post. I do wonder, though … does this mean the Satanists got the School Board’s goat? Mwahahahaha!
Mark Esche via

I would have also fought against this. I offered my services to Orange County. The atheists calling themselves Satanists again. FAIL.
Tom Erik Raspotnik via

Hide and watch

Of course the left-wing media is opposed to any discussion or alternate view [“Florida legislator wants to make conservative agitprop film mandatory viewing for school kids,” Bloggytown, Nov. 19] They are so obvious with the hate message directed at opposition to their leftist propaganda and progressive obsession.
Foley Hund via

Actually, [Dinesh] D’Souza is just anti-regressive and anti-statist. You see, “liberal” insinuates liberty and “progressive” infers positive change – this publication and people that characterize themselves as liberal/progressive support neither concept.
John Long Mustache via

Dropped box

I wonder if there is a way to impeach a county mayor [“BREAKING!!!!!!!!: ORGANIZE NOW WINS DROPBOX LAWSUIT OVER COUNTY,” Bloggytown, Nov. 24]. Her developer-paid lawyers might not like it if there is. Then again, they can bill it and rack up $600 an hour.
John via