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Rotation: What local artists are listening to

This week: Rebekkah Joy of ONE31


“There’s nothing like hearing a song and being completely inspired. With Mute Math, make that their past two records. Everything they’ve created is genius, from their self-titled album released in 2006 to their most recent release, Armistice. They have a unique creativity of merging rock with other genres, adding insane effects and not being afraid of barriers. What an inspiration to any artist! Hearing Mute Math’s catchy melodies, groundbreaking musical hooks and intelligent dynamics makes them the most repeated artist in my iPod. They have that special touch of diversity that makes them the perfect artist to play during my workouts, at an event or even just as background music. I haven’t been able to get Mute Math’s single, “Odd Soul,” out of my head, and am incredibly excited to hear the magic they will be releasing with their new album of the same name this fall (Oct. 4, according to their website)!”

(Mainstream rock act ONE31 celebrate the release of their self-titled debut album – available on iTunes and – at 8:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 26 at the Plaza Live. Admission is $10 and the first 100 people in the door get the CD for free.)