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Rotation: What local artists are listening to

This week: Michael Fargnoli of Hadley's Hope



"I have to admit, I have been listening quite obsessively to a cut from Radiohead's newest album, The King Of Limbs, called "Little By Little." The first few times I gave the track a listen, I wasn't sure what to make of it besides that it sounded odd, off and a little mixed-up. However, as with most newer Radiohead material, the more I listened, the more layers revealed themselves. I particularly enjoy how the Western-sounding jangle and classical bass line of the verse seamlessly transforms into a highly syncopated chorus. But my favorite part of this track is the very subtle but crucial high-hat taps that follow the first chorus. This tiny little overdub creates its own unique riff. On top of it all, the aggressive lyrics add a sinister tone, which seems to complete the picture being painted here. What I have always liked about the ever-evolving band is that they allow and encourage the listener to conjure a wide spectrum of imagery and interpretation, whether it's a dusty trail in Wyoming or snakebites in Tasmania. You decide."

(Hadley's Hope celebrates the release of their self-titled debut Sunday, June 19 at Back Booth with More Than Planes and A Chance of Fireballs. Admission is $5. Their music can be heard at