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Rotation:What local artists are listening to

This week: Tam Tam the Sandwich Man & the Magical Sugar Cookies' Jordan Duttinger



"It's getting warmer out, and you need a good party record. Right now, I am in love with TacocaT's Shame Spiral. They are a mostly girl outfit from Seattle. They sing songs about urinary tract infections, toxic shock syndrome, Peeps, Waterworld, fixed-gear hipsters, muffin tops … I mean, what else would you want? In my opinion, they are like the new Bikini Kill. This record is good to ride your bike real fast to, or have a bitching pool party, or just for riding around in a car with nowhere to go and the windows down."

(Tam Tam the Sandwich Man & the Magical Sugar Cookies' new EP, The First Supper, is available for digital download at They are asking for donations via to help fund their appearance at SXSW and a national tour.)