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Rotation:What local artists are listening to

This week: Hear Hums


Kenzie Cooke: “Two of my favorite new finds that I’ve been listening to a lot are Dustin Wong’s first full-length, Seasons, and Elfin Saddle’s Wurld.”

Mitch Myers: “Recently, I’ve been listening to a lot of Koji Kondo’s soundtracks for video games, namely Yoshi’s Island and Zelda Wind Waker. David Wise composed the soundtrack for Donkey Kong Country, and I’ve listened to that nonstop this past year. Trouble Books came out with an album titled Gathered Tones in 2010 – I’ve been listening to that lately.”

(Florida psychedelic duo Hear Hums plays Will’s Pub Sunday, Sept. 11 with Woodsman and Fever. Admission is $5. They also play the Indie Fall Fest Saturday, Sept. 24 at Firestone Live.)