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Rotation:What local artists are listing to

This week: Go Rydell's Chris Scaduto



"I have been really into the new 
Dopamines record, Expect the Worst. This record has a mid-'90s, pop-punk 
feel to it. It reminds me of earlier Dillinger Four, and nothing's better than that. I've also been very into Hold Tight!'s new LP, Can't Take This Away. If you like Osker or vintage Blink-182, it's the perfect record for you. On a more aggressive standpoint, the California band Dangers have been on heavy rotation. They have this '80s hardcore vibe to them, with aggressive, throaty, in-your-face vocals. It's a great pick-up for fans of Ceremony, Minor Threat and the Cro-Mags.

(Go Rydell plays Will's Pub on 
Sunday, Feb. 27 with Spanish Gamble and How Dare You.)