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Sandwiches with a sense of humor



Seizing the opportunity to work this seemingly obvious but rarely employed cinematic pun, an eatery called My Beautiful Luncheonette (932 N. Mills Ave.; 407-896-1592) has opened in Orlando in the rainbow district. (You remember, the gay-Asian-British-flavored classic, "My Beautiful Launderette?")

Nestled in place of the former and almost-legendary Mad-Lyn's Cafe (now a catering company), the yellow-and-white Luncheonette is simply adorned inside. Sandwiches and salads are dished out from a big counter at the back -- it's a nice place to hang out. The chicken salad is chunky and seems homemade, the cold cuts are fairly standard but good.

Too bad there's no laundry, no specials of curry or English pies -- nothing referring to Stephen Frears' 1985 classic film (with Daniel Day-Lewis), except the exceptional name. We'll expect a temp agency called Sammy and Rosie Get Paid to open shortly.