Save the Space Jam: American Party Machine, Yogurt Smoothness, Tight Genes, Nuka Waves, Ad Nauseam, FL's Lewd Acts

When: Sat., March 7, 9 p.m. 2015

Here it is, quick and easy: The Space is a DIY venue, and promoters and artists aren’t ready to lose it as an option in popular Mills 50 just because money can get tight. So occasionally, you’ll see fundraisers like this week’s Save the Space Jam, where all the show money goes directly toward keeping the grassroots venue above Anthony’s thriving (or at least making rent!). Plus, it gives folks a good reason to tamper with the Looney Tunes ’90s classic Space Jam, with a demon-eyed Looney Tunes poster that pastes Uncle Lou’s face over M.J.’s and sees Taz double-fisting Mickey’s and O.E. Partying with show-stopping rockers like American Party Machine, Nuka Waves, Tight Genes and Yogurt Smoothness makes this benefit show an especially enticing one. Go get loud so locals can keep doing the Space proud by booking creative events that just wouldn’t be the same anywhere else.

Price: $6