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Science center cuts again


Congratulations to the Orlando Science Center, which in early May announced having raised pledges of about $49 million needed to pay off the new building in Loch Haven Park. Less well publicized was a second round of layoffs ordered about the same time. In December, the center laid off 18 employees, explaining it had intentionally overstaffed for the opening. In May, center officials axed about 10 more jobs, explaining these as an unfortunate byproduct of an overall reorganization of the staff.

Spokeswoman Mary Sellers insists the recent layoffs were part of a long-range plan promoting "crossfunctional teams," rather than distinct departments. But staff cuts of more than 10 percent in less than 18 months suggest the center could be reconsidering rosy projections used to attract the support needed to build the 193,000-square-foot building.