Scottish Highland Games

When: Jan. 17-18, 8 a.m. 2015

Calling all lads, lassies and wee bairns! Break out your tartan: The Central Florida Scottish Highland Games is upon us this weekend. Sponsored by the Scottish-American Society of Central Florida, the games mostly involve the lifting and moving of heavy shit, whether that means lifting a boulder and carrying it as far as you can or trying to chuck a telephone pole (caber) end over end. While watching people in skirts get hernias is amusing, the real fun happens on the adjacent field, where Highland dancing, bagpipers, border collies and other entertainments abound. There’s a slew of heritage tents where you’re invited to learn about your Scottish roots (if you have them), meet really, really, really distant relatives, and read through Scottish history and maps of various famous clans. There’s even a real-life quidditch tournament, which pretty much consists of (possibly high) college kids chucking balls at each other while holding brooms between their legs. There’s a tent for everything, including a shortbread baking competition, Celtic crafts, haggis and sausage rolls, beer from Dunedin Brewery, jewelry, a makeshift smithy, Highland cows, coats of arms and the crowning jewel: a whisky tasting tent. Remember, you don’t have to be Scottish to enjoy scotch. – Thaddeus McCollum and Kelly Browne

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