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Seth Kubersky's top 5 Fringe picks for 2016



The Animatronicans (Mo Laughs Comedy)
Josh Siniscalco's robotic Abe Lincoln stole several past shows with cameos; now he's starring in Jeff Jones's Wanzie-directed theme park satire alongside attractions veterans Janine Klein, James Keaton and Doug Ba'aser.

Edgar Allan (The Coldharts)
Brooklyn-based Katie Hartman and Nick Ryan play a tweenage Poe and his rival in an Edward Gorey-influenced "manic lullaby," which arrives with critical praise from earlier stands in Cincinnati and Edmonton.

Hideout (Haste Theatre)
The physical comediennes who won my heart with 2014's Oyster Boy are back with a jazz age bacchanal blending a 1920s speakeasy with the ancient Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur.

Simpleton: The Legend of President Trump (Acting Passionate Presents)
Rap musicals are hot this Fringe, from a Lil Women revival to Lin-Manuel Miranda's 21 Chump Street. This original hip-hop comedy by Thom Mesrobian, Samuel Hammersly and Seth Brown looks like required pre-election viewing.

Space (Hubris Theatre Co.)
Writer-director Corey Volence and Imagineer Evan Miga reteam after 2013's Key of E for an original sci-fi drama about four astronauts on a long-range mission that would make Sartre squirm.

... and 5 more Fringe shows to watch for:

From Broadway to Obscurity (M-1 Productions/Eric Gutman)

Rocket Man & Kaleidoscope by Ray Bradbury (Ant Farm and Kangagirl)

Thomas Jefferson: My Master, My Slave, My Friend (J.D. Sutton)

Toiley T. Paper: Roll Model! (Grant Baciocco)

Vasily Djokavich: Russia's No. 1 State Approved Comedian (Morgan Cranny)