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Signs and wonders

Readers talk about the city’s enforcement of sign ordinances


Signing rights

I’m a small-business/restaurant owner, and I know for a fact it is very common to get a permit, then be found in code violation for the same thing the government gave you a permit for (“Small business’ big headache,” July 2). Permits seem to be rubber stamps that don’t hold any water to a code inspector with an agenda. Local zoning signs off on restaurant licenses before they are issued from the state, too. If you have a restaurant license, why would you think you’d be held to office-space code?

Ultimately, we just pay fines, get variances and keep making tax revenue for the state, but we don’t have to be freaking cheerleaders for them.
Aaron, via

I recall years ago when the Center (LGBT Center) had been vandalized with anti-gay slurs, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence held a fundraiser to “paint over the hate.” Their idea was to have a mural painted over the spray paint. Sadly, the Center was advised they had to abide by the rules and told they could not have certain things on the mural, and it had to be a very specific (small) size to avoid having to pay fees, because it would then be an advertisement/sign/billboard. Rules is rules I guess.
Danny G, via

This is so ridiculously petty! This is what we spend tax dollars worrying about! Old-ass people with entitled positions worrying about signs! I think the pie sign is nice piece; the wording is funny and edgy. This is the least of many worries the city really has!
TLADD, via

The bigger question is why in America, the land of free enterprise, you should need to get someone else’s permission to put a sign on your business. This is absurd.
David Terry, via