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Sing the praise of gourmet pizzas


You may have noticed the sign while driving along South Orlando Avenue. Steve 'n Eydie Gourmet Pizza it says (400 S. Orlando Ave; 407-691-0255), and what springs to mind is some strange amalgam of dinner theater and Vegas lounge act. Take my pie, please.

Actually, the name comes from Eydie Schaudecker and her son Steven, who's from Trastevere right next door. The pizza part is interesting and rather un-pizza-ish combos like chicken pesto pizza or "seafood supreme" -- shrimp and lobster and Parmesan-dill sauce. They've got a little wood-fired oven that I would love to have myself, and yes, they have regular pizza, along with a nice primavera pie with artichoke and Asiago cheese. (Pies range from $5.99 to $14.99.)

And it might start a trend. I can see it now: The Carol Channing Chinese Pagoda. Cher's Fish 'n Chips. Diana Ross' Taco Supreme-os. This could be the start of something big.