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Snap 2013: The Glamour

Szymon Brodziak, Christy Lee Rogers, Nicolas Sénégas


Szymon Brodziak: “Martini Cava Rome”
  • Szymon Brodziak: “Martini Cava Rome”

Thanks to organizer Patrick Kahn’s fashion-mag roots, Snap is never short on pictures of beautiful girls. This year a very special guest is Szymon Brodziak, a prize-winning European fashion photographer best known for his work in Italian Vogue. Brodziak will show several black-and-white works, suffused with his trademark witty perversity and erotic allure, from his upcoming book, Naughty Girls. Sénégas and Rogers share a penchant for submerging their subjects in water, but whereas Sénégas evokes an intimate bathtub sexiness, Rogers’ photographs (shot underwater and achieved in camera, with no post-production manipulation) are spectacular, baroque evocations of the human form, all ballooning fabric, vivid color and dramatic chiaroscuro. Brodziak will be at Friday night’s Motion to Light opening, and will also show his book project after Saturday’s Fashion Night shoot-out.