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It’s hard enough trying to find a safe ride when you want to party, but it can be even harder in a sprawling city like Orlando. A lot of our favorite nightspots are far-flung and not exactly walking distance from campus. So what is a poor college student to do? Luckily, free and reasonably priced transportation choices are prevalent in the Orlando area.

UCF offers a couple of options for getting home safely. If you head over to the Student Government Association ticket center in the Student Union you can pick up a free taxi voucher worth up to $35. The SGA chipped in recently and started up a KnightLYNX bus to help students get downtown. The bus runs on Fridays and Saturdays from 8 p.m.-3 a.m. It’s free for UCF students and only $2 for non-UCF students.

Orlando also has a couple of private coaches operating around town that offer nightly rides from various pickup points to downtown Orlando and surrounding clubs and bars. Some of them even serve alcohol on board or allow you to BYOB so the party never has to stop.

Unforgettable Entertainment Party Bus
$10 round trip includes free entry to one or more clubs
Liquor is allowed and even provided on the bus
18+ to party
Pick-up locations at UCF and Full Sail areas
Call to reserve: 239-284-9141

Cast Party Bus
$10 round trip includes free entry to various bars, including Pulse, Vain, Brink and others; also hosts gay college night rides
18+ to party
Visit website for pick-up locations
Call to reserve: 407-692-7118

Valentine Enterprise Party Bus
$10 round trip includes entrance to Boss, Vain, Bliss and Attic before midnight; also hosts rides to Cocoa Beach
18+ to party
Pick-up locations at side of Library Plaza and Sterling Central on UCF campus
Call to reserve: 239-603-5858