Staff Pick — Best 1-2-3: Sawyer Wreck

Staff Pick

Orlando area wrestler Sawyer Wreck's Twitter bio lists her occupations as both "professional wrestler" and "feminist kill joy," and while we'd agree with most of that readily — we don't dare disagree with anything she says, TBF — the killjoy descriptor may be false. There was something distinctly gratifying about watching her inflict punishment with everything but the kitchen sink on male opponent Dan Drennen during a (very) hardcore match at Mayhem on Mills' comeback "Weird Science" show in February. Wreck stands at about 10 feet tall, we're unscientifically guessing, and looks like a very distant relation of the Undertaker with her sinister demeanor and jet-black hair. The "Matriarch of Mayhem" has made a name for herself on the more outré, out-there end of the regional wrestling circuit, grappling for the aforementioned MOM, Gainesville's gonzo Fest Wrestling, and even testing the grisly deathmatch waters in No Peace Underground. There's nothing pretty or acrobatic about her style of wrestling. It reminds us of the raw physicality of Mad Maxine or Bruiser Brody — just domination through size and strength and a willingness to bend the rules. Next time she wrestles for Mayhem on Mills, you're recommended not to miss it, because the big leagues are sure to notice her sooner rather than later. (

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