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Stage fight


Seminole County sheriffs last week served warrants on Club Juana owner Mike Pinter and the three women who revealed all during their May 28 performance at the club of the play Les Femmes Fatale. But the charges didn't come under the county's anti-nudity ordinance, which prohibits full nudity except for "bona fide performances." Rather, Pinter and the women are charged with violating a Casselberry law prohibiting nudity in places where alcohol is served.

The point of the play was to poke fun at the ordinance and force the county to define what is and isn't legitimate theater. By invoking the law regarding alcohol, did the county manage to sidestep the vague wording? "Yes and no," says club attorney Steve Mason. There are four lawsuits currently challenging the nudity ban. Clearly, though, the county is trying to steer the conversation away from art appreciation. Says Mason, "They didn't want to deal with that language."