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State Attorney takes a hit


Just one week after taking her complaint to court, a former assistant state's attorney has won further backing for her allegation that she was fired after claiming that State's Attorney Lawson Lamar's office discriminates against women.

In an April 24 letter, Florida Public Counsel Jack Shreve agreed that Lamar's office "retaliated against [Donna] Lindamood because of her whistle-blowing disclosures."

Lindamood, who was fired after 12 years in the State Attorney's Office on Jan. 9 -- the same day that she received an approving job evaluation -- had previously reported inequities in gender-based pay and workload assignments among the office staff. Her complaint alleging retaliation for her activities was investigated by the Office of Public Counsel after the Attorney General's office bowed out, citing a possible conflict of interest.

Shreve sided with Lindamood, whose evidence he found to be "credible," after weighing it against "sparse evidence to the contrary presented by her employer."