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‘Sunlight on the Moon’ is quintessential Elf Power

Album review: Elf Power’s ‘Sunlight on the Moon’



Elf Power – Sunlight on the Moon
Darla/Orange Twin
★★★★ (out of 5 stars)

After a longer-than-normal stretch of dormancy, the not-exactly-prolific Athens legends burst forth refreshed to prove evermore that they’re one of the greatest Elephant 6 bands to ever be. Here, their signature psychedelic folk-rock is back to the electricity and spontaneity of its lo-fi roots, only with a distilled pop efficiency. Between highlights like the texture-rich, Grandaddy-esque “Strange Designs,” the sweet garage strummer “Sunlight on the Moon” and the sparkling “Grotesquely Born Anew,” this work is crackling, immediate and heat-packing – a near-perfect bridge of economy and excitement. And it’s the best quintessence of Elf Power’s spirit and character in ages, if not ever.