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Roll your own at Alafaya sushi bar




4498 N. Alafaya Trail

The training of a sushi chef is a mystery to most. In Japan, most apprentices (called minakai, which translates as “watch and learn”) work under a master for as long as three years before they are allowed to slice into a piece of tuna or mackerel.

No such grueling mastery is required at Sus-Hi, near UCF. Here the spotlight's on you to build your own sushi rolls, bowls or wraps from a staggering (verging on paralyzing) array of choices. Customers choose a protein, then add vegetables and other stuffings and toppings ($6). Vegans will love the option of fried tofu, while omnivores may be partial to the nontraditional mango topping – a perfectly acidic foil for a fatty fish like salmon.

If you're not the creative type, the chefs at Sus-Hi have assembled house recipes for rolls, bowls and wraps, including some adventurous combinations like the Tropical Shrimp ($6), which mixes tempura shrimp and strawberry with cream cheese, and the Mexican ($6), where Cheez Whiz meets nori for perhaps the first time ever. Try a Ramune ($2.50), the perfectly carbonated Japanese soda that comes in lychee, melon and other flavors.