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Takeout that's far from generic



The Grocery Store might not win awards for name originality, but its takeout ethnic foods are another matter.

The display case is filled with fresh-daily creations, including the most popular item: stuffed grape leaves, with a beef-and-rice filling wrapped in the tangy, marinated covering. Priced from 33 to 49 cents each (depending on whether you buy them in threes or by the dozen), they're hearty options at a fraction of restaurant prices -- great for entertaining.

Owner Samia Masood also whips up a healthy version of nachos using snapped-off pieces of roasted onion "cracker bread," swished through homemade hummus and topped with salsa that resounds with fresh cilantro ($2.99-$3.59/pound). For a serious dinner, Masood's partner grinds and cases a mean kielbasa that's gaining a following, too.