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Orlando's Blank Space closes, Wall Street to open new bar in The Globe's old space



Like pets and Terminators, even the coolest bars in Orlando have to die sometime. I wish I could tell you that Blank Space Gallery and Lounge (201 E. Central Blvd., Orlando), that awesomely weird art bar with a bottle selection purloined from the world's beer museums, simply went away to a farm in the country to live with a nice family. Sadly, it passed on June 1 in a blaze of half-priced booze and hastily painted walls (see Live Active Cultures, page 18). The good news is that the man who created it (and my unquenchable love of peat-smoked beers), David Charles Desormoux Jr., intends to open a newer, blanker space in the near future.

Last weekend also saw the final nail hammered into the coffin of Wall Street Plaza's The Globe, which actually feels like something of a blessing since it's been lying in a sort of semi-functional repose in an open casket for the last two years or so. The Wall Street Plaza folks are opening a new venue to replace the old stalwart. We should expect something shiny and new to open its doors in August.